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Captn Sharky Sea Adventures

2 usd

Mixtvision presents: Capt'n Sharky - Open Sea Adventures.
Go aboard with Capt'n Sharky! Sail with him across the seven seas and go on adventures like a real pirate!
On every island you navigate to with your device you will experience a new challenge: play tag with Sepio the sea monster, make parrot Coco jump across ice floes and help Capt'n Sharky dive for a pirate treasure.
Each time you win a game, a piece of a Capt'n Sharky picturebook film will be unlocked. Curl up with a cup of Gluglu and watch it as many times as you like. You can also create a picture of you wearing a buccaneer beard, pirate hat, eye patch and much more - you can become a real pirate!
The Minigames demand concentration, coordination and speed - but first and foremost they are a lot of fun!
Games: * Throw slime at cheeky redcoats * Play tag with Sepio * Find the map pieces and put them together * Take a photo of yourself and dress up as a pirate * Make Coco jump across ice floes * Dive to retrieve a treasure * Rescue the ship from drowning
* Intuitive navigation for boundless gaming fun * Fun characters and original artwork by Silvio Neuendorf * Atmospheric sounds and animations * child-friendly use * child-appropriate content
Languages: German, English